June 22, 2016

Why The Male Orgasm Is Not As Simple As Everyone Tries To Tell You

Male sexuality is so often over-simplified. Most think that male sexuality is about cumming – and that’ s pretty much about it. However, this traditional view is so simplified and limiting. I strongly recommend this short article – the author gets what’s possible!

A question I often get asked is how to expand sexual sensations. My advice is usually to go really slow. Either with yourself or with a partner spend time touching the penis – caressing it, holding it, ticking it, squeezing it. Touch the penis in many ways but hold the intention to enjoy the touch for the experience of it. Let go of needing to get or keep an erection – it’s really not needed for this. Build the sexual energy slowly and the sensations will begin to spread from the penis to the entire body. As the author mentions:

A Tantra teacher first introduced me to this phenomenon, and I find it super interesting… If you want, it’s a reflection of the anatomical structure of the genitals: For women, it’s going from the outside to the inside. From full-body stimulation to local stimulation. For men, it’s going from the inside to the outside. From local stimulation to full-body stimulation.

Take the first 15 to 20 minutes and resist the temptation to do the usual strokes to get hard and, instead, go slowly and deliberately and you’ll be amazed what can be possible! Yes, this can be challenging to do because you’re unlearning years of habits. These aren’t necessarily bad habit, but they are habits nonetheless. Try soothing music or even silence or ambient noise to help you. Personally, I love ambient rain for this!!

Many guys find going this slow hard to do solo. If you have a partner available ask that person to help you out. If you don’t have someone available, set a timer or clock and make it a game. some client have mentioned that following along on my slow self erotic massage video was helpful – just follow along with what I’m doing in the video.

You may be amazed at what you can experience!

Why The Male Orgasm Is Not As Simple As Everyone Tries To Tell You.

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