April 12, 2011

What I Like About Michelle Bachman

Jeez, that title was hard to write!

OK now that I have your attention, I couldn’t disagree with her politics more; however, I notice a quality in her and others of her ilk that I do wish I had more of. That is the ability to not care what everyone thinks of her. So roughly a third of the population loves her and the other two thirds either abhor her or are really uncomfortable with her. She doesn’t care about those two thirds. Not caring about the other two thirds frees her up to be the attention monger that she is and focus exclusively on the one third that likes her.

In other words, her ability to not care helps her dramatically in getting her message out.

On the other hand I notice that I really want everyone to like me. Intellectually I know that’s practically impossible but I get upset when even a small percentage of people in a group don’t like me. This desire for everyone to like me makes it harder to take risks and to garner attention. Sometimes I notice that I don’t stand tall and express myself fully because I”m more worried about that one person who may not like me.

When I don’t stand tall, I compromise and settle for less. Sometimes what I have to say gets overshadowed by the loud voices. Sometimes I just say that I don’t like the game so I quit playing and that’s when I take notice and am aware of the need to change my perspective.

I look at this when it comes to promotion. The example of people who don’t care are the people selling all kinds of crap on TV infomercials. I can’t stand that stuff, but I definitely notice it. Another example are websites that scream “Top 10 Reasons to…” and have lots of flash and noise to sell their product. In bodywork I’ve seen flashy or catchy titles used by others. My style is more down to earth and a consequence of down to earth is that it’s harder to get noticed.

You would think that the nature of the erotic work I do would drive me to be way out there and in front of the crowd. Actually it’s exactly the opposite. I’m not racing cars letting you know you can grow “that special part of the male anatomy.” Nor am I promising that you’ll get the girl or guy of your dreams. Rather, I’m about giving you an experience in your body that’s a bit outside of what you may be used to in order to expose you to something new.

Not flashy, but important!

2 Comments on “What I Like About Michelle Bachman

June 15, 2011 at 2:49 pm

Every time I have seen her she has said something as unintelligent that I have ever heard come out of a lwayer let alone Congressman. Example, we own sincere gratitude for the original founding fathers for there dedication to equlity!! Yes, and they went on to their slaves for the next 165 years resulting in a Civil War. Ah, Michele it’s Abe Lincoln who fought for emancipation and he wasn’t a “founding father”. How can anyone as ignorant as her or Palin run this nation?

June 15, 2011 at 2:51 pm

should say “owe” gratitude… “their dedication” lawyer

Guess I’m an idiot as well!


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