May 8, 2012

Voting Against Minority Rights – Again!

I’ve previously expressed my opinion on gay marriage. In brief, yes, we should have the same rights as anyone else to have the government recognize our relationships. I also question why anyone would want to enter into such a contract. But that’s not the point of this post.

However, this evening the people of North Carolina effectively wrote discrimination and bigotry into their state constitution. I find it completely ironic that this is just another example of putting minority rights to a popular vote. Of course, the minority will lose – that’s why they’re a minority. I remember back to 7th grade when, in a government class, I was first introduced to the phrase majority rule with minority rights – I guess that was a bunch of bullshit!

Other than changing planes in Charlotte, it’s been a very long time since I’ve been to North Carolina. I just find it humorous that many of the cities are named after cigarettes (or maybe it’s the other way around!) I guess I won’t be heading there anytime soon.

I’m mad at religion for assuming that the only route to God is through their doctrine. I’m mad at religion for ignoring Jesus’ call to love and heal and instead they focus on hate and bigotry. I’m mad at religion for focusing on all this external behavior rather than (at least to me) the true nature of religion which about developing a very personal, internal relationship with God. The religious bigots are so focused on us and them – good and evil. It’s so easy to look at everything from a binary perspective. Yet, the world isn’t binary. If all we see is good and evil we miss so much because we’ve vested in being right. To me, spirituality is about – letting go of ego and letting things be. As someone once said to me in a very different context, it’s about the tyranny of the word or and the power of the word and.

Anyway, I’m sure this effort to enshrine discrimination into the constitution will continue. I”m curious how much (tax exempt) money churches spent on this political battle. I”m even more curious how these churches justify spending limited resources on a political issue rather than heeding Jesus’ call to care for the less fortunate. How many people could have been clothed or fed from the money spent on politics?

Seems to me that organized religion is missing something.

One Comment on “Voting Against Minority Rights – Again!

May 12, 2012 at 5:05 pm

I’m not crazy about the concept of marriage either but I do think we should have the same rights. “If you are gay and want to get married in North Carolina just tell them your cousins.” – Conan O’brien


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