January 18, 2012


Eyes Closed

Eyes ClosedVision is so overrated.

OK, not really, but many guys take in proportionately more from our visual sense than the other senses when it comes to our erotic lives. Just look at how much most of us look at porn. I hardly ever meet someone who doesn’t watch something while masturbating.

What would it be like to temporarily turn off our vision and play with the other senses while in erotic space?

I had the opportunity to play with that during Mindful Self Loving this week. My intention for the group was to see what would be possible when we weren’t focused on what we take in from our eyes and instead were to focus on what we take in from the other senses.

I found myself getting lost in pleasure. I was letting go of having to perform. My ears were really attuned to the sounds coming from the other men in the room which added to my own erotic energy. I found that it was much easier to let go of my noisy mind and settle into my body. Presence suddenly became very easy! Without my eyes wondering, I was able to easily let go and enjoy the experience.

After a while I invited the men present to remove their blindfolds if they chose to. I noticed for myself that I really didn’t want to remove it, but I felt I should offer that opportunity to the men in the workshop. What surprised me is that once I opened my eyes to take in the room, most of the men continued to keep their eyes closed! I assume they were having a similar reaction.

I too felt the need to keep my visual input to a minimum. I found myself in a really good erotic zone where my mind was surprisingly quiet – which is almost unheard of when I’m leading a workshop. I made a choice to stay with it. I closed my eyes most of the way to where all I was able to see fuzzy images of the other men but not much more. I saw what was going on the room but without much of the detail. I found that this blurry vision kept me in the energy of the room without becoming so distracting as to take me out of my zone.

I rarely look at porn while masturbating. I find that it actually distracts me. What surprised me about this experience was how much I continue to be distracted by what I see. Our eyes bombard us with information. Much of the time this information is very valuable; however, there are times when this constant bombardment becomes a distraction. Try closing your eyes and see what unfolds!

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