August 6, 2014


After a time of considerable personal reflection I’ve realized that it’s time for another chapter to close in my life and for a new chapter to open. I will be moving from San Francisco to Las Vegas. On a practical level, I will be splitting my time over the next few months between San Francisco and Las Vegas. I plan to be full time in Las Vegas by early November.

I’ve been considering this decision for some time. While I have enjoyed much of what San Francisco has to offer. I’m also clear that it’s time to make changes in my life to fulfill my own desires. My relationship with Scratch has blossomed over the past three years. He recently accepted an awesome job opportunity in Vegas and I’ve decided to move there with him. My feelings around this move are both exciting and scary but, ultimately, I see us creating a fun and amazing place in the desert together.

This decision has also brought up many fond feelings about the men I’ve seen in San Francisco. It also reminds me of about nine years ago when I moved from Phoenix to San Francisco. Just as then, I will miss the men I have worked with and come to love during my time here. It has been a sacred honor to be part of some incredible journeys. Together we have torn down old assumptions, forged new paths and co-created some incredible magic!

My intention with this work has always been to bring healing to others. Of course, bringing healing to others has been an integral part of my own healing journey. This journey has been both necessary and needed but sometimes also hard and painful. While the healing never stops, I am excited that life is now teaching me new ways to be in relationship with others as well as with myself.

I enter this transition fully engaged and committed to the work of helping men discover their true erotic self. While I am saddened to be leaving the courageous and powerful men I’ve worked with in San Francisco, I’m excited to bring my work to men in a new city.

To the men of San Francisco, I ask for your love and support as I move into this new chapter of my life. I am very clear about this move and that this decision is the right one for me. You have all touched my life in some way and I will always be grateful. You are the example I will take with me as I reach out to new men in Las Vegas.

My calendar has been updated with my travel schedule over the next few months. I look forward to completing the work in San Francisco and bringing this needed work to Las Vegas!