January 4, 2012

The Sacred and The Profane

Life is full of paradoxes. I’m very much in tune with the spiritual side of sex. For me, sex is most often a highly spiritual experience that offers me an opportunity to be grateful for the body I’m in. I’m aware that sex is a gift that offers many possibilities for connection with others and self, for relaxation and healing and the ability to clear away the stress of life.

There’s also the other side of sex that I’m equally aware of. There’s the raw, primal part of me that just wants to fuck. There’s the hedonistic beast that is full of desire and lust. There’s the part about taking, domination and carnal desire.

The interesting point is that both extremes are real and true as are all the possibilities between these two extremes. Although our culture puts judgement values on the extremes, both are actually needed. Without the carnal energy, I’d be nothing more than a much of warm fuzzies with no drive and no desire. Without the sacred side, I’d be out fucking anything and anyone I could with no regard for anyone other than myself.

Yet, when I engage both energies simultaneously magic happens. The core primal lust combined with the feelings from my heart create infinite possibilities.

Again, our culture likes to make most things a choice – choose one OR the other. I actually like the word AND. I like both!

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