My Totem

I’ve been on a quest of identity over the last year or so. Until recently, I’ve never really given much thought to who I am. Sure, I’ve been working on self-awareness, or being aware of my patterns, makeup, gifts and shadow. But this never involved naming my identity or symbols of my identity. I’m still […]

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Spiritual Journeys

I’ve felt for the last decade or so that I’ve been on a somewhat delayed spiritual journey. I recently came across a post on skokti’s blog that really resonated with me. I’ve seen so many queer men run away from their spiritual side and their spiritual needs because of agendas imposed on us by some religions. I […]

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Religion and Spritiuality

Throughout history many people have been hurt in the name of religion. Of course this also includes many queer people. While I make no excuses for the hurt and pain inflicted on people in the name of religion, I also feel that we can all too easily dismiss the benefits of a spiritual path because […]

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Sex and Spirit

There are many definitions of spirituality. To me, spirituality is something that moves us beyond our noisy mind. It’s a practice that help us let go of our ideas, beliefs, identities and positions. A spiritual practice is not based in dogma or belief. It simply allows us to experience and be – without the noisy […]

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