erotic trance


As I learned to keep edging, I discovered a new sensation while bating. I came to find it called gooning and I describe it as a state where my head goes quiet and all I’m aware of is raw, primal sensation. Words no longer have any meaning; instead, my sounds become animalistic – moans, grunts, […]

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Why The Male Orgasm Is Not As Simple As Everyone Tries To Tell You

Male sexuality is so often over-simplified. Most think that male sexuality is about cumming – and that’ s pretty much about it. However, this traditional view is so simplified and limiting. I strongly recommend this short article – the author gets what’s possible! A question I often get asked is how to expand sexual sensations. […]

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What’s Your Pleasure Ceiling?

Pamela Madsen recently wrote a short post about a client’s pleasure ceiling. I’ve experienced this pleasure ceiling too. I’ve encountered my pleasure ceiling usually around pretty intense body experiences and I consciously realize that I can’t process any more pleasure. There is simply too much going on at the same time and I hit my max. […]

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What is Edging?

Imagine that terrific but oh-so-brief moment of orgasm lasting longer and longer and being a place you can return to numerous times in one session of masturbation. Let me tell you, I’ve been there. I’ve climbed those peaks and the view is great. But to get there, we’ve got to study the trail guide (spend […]

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Erotic Trance

What is erotic trance? Erotic trance is a state induced by erotic activity in which we learn to completely let go, surrender to the experience and simply be present to the experience. The mental noise goes away and all we’re aware of is the sensations in the body. I think it’s close to completely letting […]

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