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Circle of Intimates

One of the big secrets of gay marriage for me has been the issue of monogamy. Gay marriage was achieved through many levels but one of those arguments was that we’re just like everyone else and deserve to have our white picket fenced house and happily monogamous relationship. I certainly don’t want to detract from […]

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Why The Male Orgasm Is Not As Simple As Everyone Tries To Tell You

Male sexuality is so often over-simplified. Most think that male sexuality is about cumming – and that’ s pretty much about it. However, this traditional view is so simplified and limiting. I strongly recommend this short article – the author gets what’s possible! A question I often get asked is how to expand sexual sensations. […]

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I hear from guys concerned about the risks of sexually transmitted infections (sti’s.) Yes, sti’s are real and the risk can very from a minor nuisance to a chronic condition that affects you for the rest of your life. There’s so much wrapped up in any discussion of sti’s since the way we discuss these […]

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Eyes Closed

Vision is so overrated. OK, not really, but many guys take in proportionately more from our visual sense than the other senses when it comes to our erotic lives. Just look at how much most of us look at porn. I hardly ever meet someone who doesn’t watch something while masturbating. What would it be […]

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It’s a Boy!

Masculinity is so hard to define. Yet, when I experience it or see it the feeling is so palpable. Perhaps it’s a reflection of my own issues with my dad, but the Daddy/boy relationship has had a particular strong draw on me. The intensity of a strong, protective daddy coupled with an adoring boy combines […]

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Recently while relaxing in a hot tub after a long day, I encountered a young man really wanting an erotic connection. He was aggressively flirting with me and the other men in the water. While sex in or around the water would have been OK, it wasn’t an explicitly sexual place. I couldn’t help but […]

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July Newsletter

We are afraid of sex. Everywhere I turn I see a culture that is afraid of bodily pleasure. We can’t talk about sex. We can’t ensure that children have a healthy perspective toward sex. We can’t communicate desires. We mostly ignore sex and hope that it all just goes away. The only exception is when […]

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Fear of Male Sexuality

Why are there so few real discussions on men’s sexuality? Turn on Oprah, or for that matter almost any television show. It’s commonplace to see a discussion with women on sexuality. Women are talking about all aspects of their sexuality – everything from relationships to vibrators to some pretty kinky stuff. Where are the men? […]

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