Intentional Family

I’m wrapping up a stay with my family over the holidays. While spending time with my family I’m also in regular contact with my partner and my boy. I’m struck with the disparity between how I’m interacting with my family and how I’m interacting with those I’ve chosen to be in my tribe. Most queer men were […]

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It’s a Boy!

Masculinity is so hard to define. Yet, when I experience it or see it the feeling is so palpable. Perhaps it’s a reflection of my own issues with my dad, but the Daddy/boy relationship has had a particular strong draw on me. The intensity of a strong, protective daddy coupled with an adoring boy combines […]

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Healing from Dad

I’m writing this sitting in an airport on my way to spend the holidays with my family. I’ve had a strained relationship with my dad. There are many things he did for me that I’m grateful for yet there are also many things he did that hurt tremendously.  I was physically beaten as a child. […]

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