Faerie Wisdom

I just returned from 10 days with the Radical Faeries celebrating Beltane. This was my first Beltane celebration and my first extended experience with the Faeries. The entire experience unfolded rather quickly. I wasn’t planning on going until, almost at the last minute, the opportunity presented itself and I was on my way. I’m still going through […]

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Spiritual Journeys

I’ve felt for the last decade or so that I’ve been on a somewhat delayed spiritual journey. I recently came across a post on skokti’s blog that really resonated with me. I’ve seen so many queer men run away from their spiritual side and their spiritual needs because of agendas imposed on us by some religions. I […]

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The most common thread I hear from men is a longing for connection. I’m not talking about casual friends, acquaintances or hookups. Rather, I’m talking about true, real connection with another human. True connection is hard. It requires us to be our genuine self. We have to come into connection with all our doubts, our […]

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Here We Go Again

I read this morning of yet another, anti-gay ballot initiative coming in California. This time it’s in response to a new law that teaches children about the contributions of all people, including LGBT persons. It seems like these anti-gay initiatives just won’t stop. Last time it was to discriminate against gay people in marriage. Back […]

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