My Totem

I’ve been on a quest of identity over the last year or so. Until recently, I’ve never really given much thought to who I am. Sure, I’ve been working on self-awareness, or being aware of my patterns, makeup, gifts and shadow. But this never involved naming my identity or symbols of my identity. I’m still […]

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Integrating My Beast

I’m clear that my Beast and I need to be integrated. It’s time to quit referring to him as a separate entity. In some ways I feel like a werewolf – torn between my animal urges and supposed human self control. Yet I also realize that being human is also accepting and integrating my animal […]

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Finding My Inner Top

I’ve been exploring my inner top lately. My inner top is where I get to explore my masculine animal. While I definitely believe that I can also be a masculine sub, top space is where I get to play with my domineering, controlling self. This head space hasn’t always been natural for me. I remember […]

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