February 9, 2011

Still More Letting Go

Another great way to experiment with letting go is by anal touch. As we learn to let go of goals and performance we can begin to take more pleasure in. I find that slow anal touch is an opening to relaxing and letting go. Of course, the challenge is to let go of anal goals. As a starter, take a relaxing shower to clean and prepare your body. Spend 15 minutes, either in solo or with a partner, with external anal touch – don’t even consider any penetration. Instead see how much pleasure you can feel from the external touch and notice how your body relaxes when all you do is pay attention to the touch and your breath.

One of the things about sexuality that intrigues me is how sexuality can be primal and energetic on time and relaxed and calming another. I’ve found that, in most situations, cock focused touch tends to focus on the energetic and anal touch emphasizes the calming effect.

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