August 3, 2014


20140803_170810My boy recently moved to a new city and is going through all the expected challenges in adapting to a new location. In addition, we’ve been separated more than usual over the last few weeks and, while the distance has brought us closer, it’s also added some challenges.

Like a good Daddy, I want to be able to make things better for him. But I realize I can love, listen, and support but I can’t change the state of things. I wanted to do something symbolic to offer my support even though we’re in different locations.

We each have a chain and medallion that we both wear. They’re identical. So this afternoon I felt the impulse to seed my chain and medallion.

Seeding articles as symbolism is an important ritual for both of us. Sometimes seeding can be an amazing ritual of marking. Other times, I offer a seeding as a way to convey thoughts and energies. I performed this ritual as a way to symbolically offer my strength and support to him as he goes through his growing pains from this move.

My masturbation session was particularly satisfying and lasted for several hours. I hadn’t cum that much lately and felt the energy really circulating and engaging my entire body.

I placed the symbol on a cum rag that has hundreds of previous loads on it. I wanted to symbol to take in not only the energy from my impending ejaculation, but also take the energies from many previous orgasms.

When I felt the need to shoot, I concentrated all my attention to my body and what was happening as the energy escaped my body and landed on the symbol.

After I regained my composure, I offered a few words around turbulence, tenacity, strength and support. I completed the ritual by sitting with my feeling of gratitude for the opportunity to offer this ritual and the pleasure it generated in my body.


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March 28, 2016 at 1:51 pm

I love this masturbation spirituality that you have going on.


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