January 26, 2014


seeded mirror

seeded mirrorIt’s been a particularly challenging week and I realized that I needed an evening to be in my body and let go of my mental noise.

I made a date with myself for the evening. I’ve found that I need to schedule time for myself lately; yes, it’s a strange feeling for me to schedule time with myself, but when I do I’m able to let go of my mental noise much more easily.

I began the evening relaxing, breathing and checking in with myself. Clear my head. How did I feel? What did I need? I felt my erotic energy was particularly strong. I hadn’t cum in a while and had a full and energetic week with clients. Lots of erotic energy to process!

Saturdays are generally Daddy/boy days but Scratch is away on a work trip. Between his schedule and mine, we haven’t had that much time together lately. I miss him, but he’ll be back. Tonight was about time for me.

I decided that I needed a long, masturbation session. I really haven’t done that much lately. I set an intention of doing nothing but masturbating for the entire evening. No particular goal other than simply enjoying my body and seeing where my body wanted to go.

I ended up having a great evening with myself. I edged. I gooned. I danced with myself. I moaned. I growled. I moved a lot of energy around.

One of the pieces of magic in my room is a mirror with a cumshot on it. I keep this as a reminder of the energy and healing that’s possible. From time to time I recharge the mirror by removing the previous shot and reseeding it with a fresh one. It was time to reseed the mirror. My intention was to welcome change and the unknown into my life and also to let go of things that have evolved and are no longer needed in my life.

Letting go and seeding the mirror is a very powerful ritual for me. I let out a thunderous growl!

Afterwards I felt energized, relaxed, grounded and refreshed. All in all a very nice reboot!

2 Comments on “Reboot

January 27, 2014 at 8:30 pm

What a moving and intimate post. It’s wonderful to read about male sexuality in such a beautiful way. Thanks for sharing this, Ed…it was nice to hear that other people enjoy reconnecting with their body, too.

By the way, I hope your restoration process is working out well for you!

January 28, 2014 at 7:31 am

Thanks! It’s nice to hear that these more intimate posts are connecting with others.

My restoration is going nicely. I have to learn to be patient. Of course I want results overnight and that’s not going to happen. There is new coverage and the sensation is much more noticeable.


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