August 13, 2010

Pan in the Garden

I recently spent a week at Easton Mountain part of an amazing faculty of men facilitating Eros Spirit Camp. This week long event features many workshops and events to help men connect Eros with Spirit and body.

Being ‘on’ for the week was a lot of work. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to returning. However, I spent the week immersed in the Eros of others and frankly didn’t have the time or energy to pay attention to my own erotic energy.

I was honored to lead a morning practice with a group of men to use masturbation as a way to wake up the body and consciously start the day. Needless to say after leading this, and other, events for the week I was VERY awake and ready to spend some quality time with myself.

As I wound down the last day I found myself with a free morning before our final circle. Ah, two glorious hours of time completely free! I went up towards the garden, stripped and enjoyed the morning sun. I was up in the garden area a few times during the week; but didn’t have enough time to really explore the area. I began to feel the warm sun on my skin and definitely noticed my erotic energy stirring. I began to walk around the amazing garden and loved the feeling of the wet morning grass between my toes and my attention just seemed to move toward my cock.

I had this image of Pan wondering though the woods and my cock just sprang to full attention. I’m usually pretty vocal when masturbating, but really noticed that a lot of noise needed to come out. I kept walking through the garden and began stroking my cock and felt this very strong sensation of erotic energy climb throughout my body. I started making low, guttural moans which lead to more intense, and louder, moans of pleasure. As I continued, I became aware that my cock was taking over – I felt a ‘Pan like’ state come over me. My cock was rock hard and I wasn’t aware of even trying to get hard. I felt no shame; rather, I felt complete joy and openness. I began dancing through the garden with my hard cock in my hand and feeling the wet grass at my feet and the warm sun on my skin.

As I continued though the garden I noticed my shadow – my body with my hard penis jutting out. This shadow kept following my wherever I went in the garden and that just fueled my energy. As I continued stroking I was so overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensation in my body, the sights of the lovely garden, the connection with sun and nature. Most of all I was completely in connection with my animal spirit – that part of us all where the noise of the busy mind lets go and spirit takes over.

I really enjoyed that 2 hours of pleasure! The pleasure just kept building and building. My cock was constantly dripping and I had this sensation of fertilizing the garden, the grass and nature. I just kept this up – I kept moving, dancing, jumping, moaning, yelling and stroking. I lost complete track of time. Thank goodness that someone rings a bell as a 10 minute warning before the next event. I heard the bell and knew that I had to bring this experience to a conclusion.

I felt in my body the need to cum. I strongly believe in the practice of listening to your body and cumming when your body needs to. My body definitely needed to. I knelt in the grass and surrendered to the pleasure and let out the most intense, loud, and voluminous ejaculation I’ve experienced in a long time.

Afterwards I continued to be aware of the increased energy in my body. I had this amazing erotic buzz that just continued and carried me to the next event!

To me, this is the biggest gift of Eros. That sensation of complete pleasure, complete peace, and expression of total joy. All this from spending a few hours masturbating in the garden!

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