February 26, 2011

Moving Your Body

Many men don’t move our bodies when we masturbate. Most of the time, our body stays still while our arm and hand move. This position can feel great and is, of course, a classic. However, sometimes we just need to move! Moving your entire body in an erotic trance dance gets the energy going! At times, I’ve noticed that while masturbating something just doesn’t feel right. I mean the strokes feel good, but there’s a sense of something missing.

Sometime, when noticing this feeling, I become aware of the need to move. That “something’s not right feeling” is often my body’s way of telling me to get up and move! Sometimes, I just need to thrust my pelvis. When this feeling comes over me, the fleshlight is an innovative toy that can take self-pleasuring to new heights. I’ve found it helpful to work with a locked or frozen pelvis – common in many men. It’s also great when I just want to move my pelvis and thrust.

A great way to start is to place the Fleshlight at the right height (between a mattress and springs or under a couch cushion works well.) Once you have it in the right position play with thrusting into it. The thrusting motion will begin to engage your entire pelvis!

Listen to your body and when something doesn’t seem quite right look at those feelings and see what you need to change.

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