January 26, 2011

More on Letting Go

I’ve been exploring much about letting go lately. I’m in a period where my chatty mind is pretty loud and is challenging me to fully let go. There’s a paradox about letting go that I believe is important to be aware of. That is letting go is not the same as indifference. I strongly believe that we have a responsibility to make make choices that help us be in the place we want to be. There is an element of personal responsibility in our life that must be acknowledged. At the same time, we also need to understand that much of what happens is outside of our control. Accepting this paradox is important to our happiness.

OK, back to my chatty mind and how that relates to letting go erotically… Many of us are so goal oriented. This goal orientation can be very helpful in many aspects of life, but it can get in the way of our erotic lives. Even when it comes to something as simple as our own self pleasure, we often focus on a goal of getting to the end rather than enjoying the journey.

Try this simple beginning practice when masturbating… Take the first 15 minutes or so to relax your body and introduce erotic pleasure. During this period explore your body and wake up to sensation, but let go of the need to be hard. If you usually go for a particular stroke, just hold off on that stroke for now. Go ahead and touch your cock, but with the intention of an erotic explorer rather than with the intention of erotic goals. As you wake up the erotic energy focus on your breath and stay present and aware of what you’re noticing rather than having to be somewhere else.

As you notice noise coming into your mind return your thoughts to focus on your breathing. Concentrate on the details of the inhale and the exhale. Notice as much as you can about your breath. The mind is an amazing thing, but we don’t multitask well. When we focus on the details of the breath, the noise often melts away.

This can be a great way to let go of goals and open yourself up to possibilities!

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