August 2, 2013

Measuring Up

post130802Body Dysmorphia (not liking our own body) is very common in men. There are many parts of the body that we can feel shame around, but penis size is one of, if not the most common concern.

A lot of us compare ourselves to images of naked men that we may see often. Most of these images are from porn. So we’re trying to compare ourselves to a group of men who have auditioned and were selected solely for the look of their bodies. Hmmm, something is wrong here!

So what about the average guy. How big is the average cock? Many studies have tried to answer this question, but getting accurate information is hard since most guys will inflate the dimensions. Here’s an interesting, if statistically limited, study that did a good job to obtain accurate information.

And, yes, the numbers are much smaller than most of us thought. I know it’s easier said than done, but we can learn to be happy with what we have!

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