June 17, 2010

Masculine Stereotypes

There’s a trend in advertising that’s really bothering me lately. The theme is the dumb, incompetent man rescued by the smart woman. I’ve noticed this theme in many advertisements lately.

This got me thinking about all the stereotypes we have about ourselves and how we’re supposed to behave as men. Of course, there are the common ones like we’re not supposed to have emotion or cry. There are other assumptions that we put upon ourselves. A common one I see is around our sexual energy. We often believe that we’re supposed to always be ready and willing for sex.

Of course that’s not true, yet we continue to perpetuate this misconception on ourselves A simple way to help with this is to develop the practice of being present – listening to your body and really noticing what it is that you want.

The opposite is also true. We often do think about sex a lot. When we’re in that mode of high sexual energy presence also means that we become aware of this powerful energy and accept it. Acting on it as your other commitments allow and celebrating that energy rather than trying to force it away or become ashamed of it.

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