December 26, 2011

Letting Go

letting goI returned from five days of visiting family for the holidays. While I enjoyed the time, I was also reminded of the gaps between my family’s priorities and mine. Consequently I spent much of the time with them in my head and not that much time being in my body.

The first night home my body was calling. I found myself laying in bed with a lot of energy in general and an abundance of erotic energy. I listened to my body and decided to get out of bed and spend some time enjoying this erotic space.

As I started generating the erotic energy, I noticed how strongly my body was reacting. The energy circulating through my body called on me to start making some noise. As I let go and the grunts and groans started coming out; the sounds fed my letting go. It started feeding upon itself.

My noisy mind was free; I could stop trying to figure things out and just simply enjoy my body. For me, this is the biggest gift from letting go while masturbating. My mind shuts off and my body goes on a journey. I had nothing to do the next day so I was able to spend several hours simply in bliss.

The gift of giving myself this time for pleasure is a renewed sense of relaxation – my body feels as if I just let go of a big ugly ball of stress. I took myself on a journey of delicious sensation. I was able to connect with myself and revel in a voyage that awakened and relaxed and reset my body. I feel relaxed, clear and grounded. I feel at peace!

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