Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles (PC) muscles. These muscles form a sling around your pelvic floor and run from your tailbone to your pelvic bone. Kegel exercises are great for almost any man and can be especially good for men who are experiencing incontinence or who have concerns with ejaculatory control. The exercises can also enhance the way that orgasms feel and allow you to shoot stronger when cumming.

The best way to find these muscles is to pretend you’re in the middle of urinating and try to stop the flow of urine. The muscles you use to stop the flow of urine are the PC muscles. You should feel the muscle tighten in your perineum just a bit anterior (forward) from your anus.

It can be a bit difficult at first to feel the difference between doing an anal squeeze and a Kegel. To be sure you’re doing Kegels you may want to put a finger on your perineum to feel the contractions. If you’re erect, you’ll notice that your penis is bouncing up and down – that’s a Kegel!

Also, be sure that you’re working the PC muscle rather than the abdominals, buttocks or thighs. Try to keep these other muscles isolated when doing Kegel exercises. It’s also important to keep breathing while doing these exercises; don’t hold your breath.

The best way to begin is to start slow. Start by squeezing your PC muscles as hard as you can without straining then hold. Start by squeezing and holding for 3 to 5 seconds, then release and relax for a few seconds. As you release, notice how the muscle feels. You may find that this exercise is hard to do. Don’t worry – just like any other muscle in the body, this muscle must be exercised. With practice it will become easier.

These exercises are more efficient when you develop a routine and repeat many of them over a set. Start by trying a set of 5 squeeze and holds, take a short break of a minute or so, then do another set. After you feel comfortable, increase the number in each set and increase the amount of time you squeeze and hold the muscle. I recommend that you work up to doing 100 squeezes at a time.

You can also try doing a rapid clench and release of the muscle. This exercise, often called a flutter, will rapidly develop the muscle. You may find that doing this flutter is difficult. Start by trying the flutter for a minute. Don’t worry if you can’t do it for a minute; with practice it will become easier. Once you’ve worked up to a minute you can do the flutter several times a day.

Do Kegels while masturbating or having partnered sex. You can find enhanced pleasure by incorporating Kegel exercises in your sexual activity. Do them when you’re getting warmed up. Try them when you’re soft as well as hard. When you’re hard you’ll know you’re doing the exercise correctly when your penis bounces up and down with each contraction.

You can even do the exercises while ejaculating. You may notice that Kegels improve your sexual response and the experience of orgasm. For some men, Kegels can be a useful to hold off from the edge of ejaculation.

You can also do Kegels at almost any time. You can do them in public – no one will notice! Try doing them when standing in line or stopped at a traffic light. You can even do them while sitting in a boring work meeting!

A good way to incorporate these into your routine is to do Kegels along with something you do every day. For example, you could include them with your morning meditation, or on the train or bus, even at lunch!

Don’t overdo the exercises; like any other activity it’s possible to overdo these. We’re often tempted to do many of these, especially when it means better sex. However, just as with any other muscle, you need to give the muscle some time to heal between sessions. This means resting between sets and not overdoing it. If you follow the exercise schedule and listen to your body, you should begin to see changes soon!