March 14, 2016

I’m Speaking

I’m so excited! I’m going to be speaking at the 2016 Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in Alexandria, VA this August. This year the Summit is developing a track on men’s sexual health issues and I’m excited to be part of that. I’ll be speaking on my work as an erotic coach for men.

Men can have a number of issues that get in the way of genuine sexual fulfillment. I’ll be talking about those issues and providing some examples of how I work with those issues. I’ll be talking about the misperceptions and assumptions we often make about male sexuality. I’ll be going though some case studies (anonymously) of issues and the work done with those clients to help with those issues. If time allows, I’ll even be demonstrating some techniques I use to help men be present and available for body sensation.

I’m looking forward to this exciting Summit!

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