October 10, 2011

Here We Go Again

hate bingoI read this morning of yet another, anti-gay ballot initiative coming in California. This time it’s in response to a new law that teaches children about the contributions of all people, including LGBT persons.

It seems like these anti-gay initiatives just won’t stop. Last time it was to discriminate against gay people in marriage. Back in the 80’s it was all about AIDS hysteria. (remember no on 69 – who would appreciate the irony in that one!)

We’re under constant attack. Yet, we also attack ourselves. Sometimes the amount of judgement on each other is incredible. It seems like all we humans like to do is stick our noses in other people’s business. So many GLBT people are constantly making comments about other GLBT people. I find the irony compelling in expecting a behavioral norm from people who spent an important time in their life running from another behavioral norm.

We have this culture that somehow believes you’re either with us or against us. Of course, the important consideration is who, exactly is us?

If you’re GLBT remember that time in your life when you were expected to conform. You tried and tried to conform, yet, somehow you knew you couldn’t and be true to yourself. We all accepted our differences and forged our own path.

What happened to leaving each other alone and letting us each forge our own path?

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