November 4, 2016


As I learned to keep edging, I discovered a new sensation while bating. I came to find it called gooning and I describe it as a state where my head goes quiet and all I’m aware of is raw, primal sensation. Words no longer have any meaning; instead, my sounds become animalistic – moans, grunts, pants, and howls. Gooning is different from edging in that with edging, I’m mentally focused on my arousal. I want to increase my arousal but I don’t want to cum. While edging my head is engaged. After I’ve edged for some time, gooning takes over and my head shuts off. My body really does feel like one big penis!

This post on Tumblr perfectly sums up my experience.

To get to a gooning state you first must master edging. You should be able to keep yourself at a 9.5-9.9 (on that 10 point scale) for a very long time. You should be able to get just to the brink of cumming and pull back several times. I’ve been so close to cumming that one more stroke would have put me over the edge – that’s how close you can get!

After edging for a while you’ll begin to notice a change. The pressure to cum recedes. This pressure is replaced by mix of high erotic state combined with a sense of calmness and relaxation. You’ll find that your mind becomes quiet and all you’re aware of is the sensation of pleasure – without that need or pressure to cum. You’ll notice little noise and twitches come up. Let then happen. It can be confusing at first, but keep stroking and let go of any sense of control and that primal part of you will come out.

I’ve found that gooning isn’t something that I can create. If I try to create an experience I’m usually disappointed. My mind isn’t really needed; I have to let go and let my body create what it needs.

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lethario Rahming
June 26, 2017 at 1:18 pm

So true. I never never knew the name of that part of mastorbating until today. Interesting story. My best time of gooning is like 2-3 am in the morning preferably intoxicated when am alone at home. The making of ugly faces, making roaring sounds like a lion, rolling on the floor slapping the dick, spitting on it,and to the point where my eye roll back talking dirty with a male sex toy called the gripper i was to the extreme of gooning I was to the extend of going outside jackin. I love the feeling though keep it real 100%# a lot of guys haven’t experience a real jack of session until they climaxs to the gooning state


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