October 25, 2010

Finding Passion One Step At A Time

An important concept for me is alignment – aligning your passion, work and overall life. Of course, to find alignment we need to know what our passions are. The reality for many of us is that we often don’t know.

I was this way for many years. I spent so much effort doing what I thought others wanted of me that I never asked the important question of what do I want for myself. As a result, I just plain forgot about passion. Sure there were things that I throught were interesting, but passion – I didn’t know what that was.

I’m learning. There are days when I feel that everything is in alignment and I’m feeling pretty happy. Then there are days when everything seems like its out to get me and I feel as if I don’t have a clue. The challenge for me is to learn to live those bad days and see what I can learn from them. Of course, I’m strongly tempted to go and pout and complain but I have to realize that pouting doesn’t do anything to get me out of the situation.

When coaching I often get resistance when I ask about passion. I think we sometimes believe that we have to have all the answers right now. Actually we don’t. I recommend that if you don’t know where your passions are to try things out for one day – even one small step. Give yourself an afternoon to do what you really want. Then see how that feels to you. Give yourself permission not to have to know all the answers right away. It’s OK to be an explorer and try out many different things. You’ll soon learn what you like and before you know it you’ll begin to find those passions!

When I’m pouting, I have to remember that inner explorer in me. Life is an exploration and I need to get out and explore!

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