October 29, 2010


cumWe have this paradoxical relationship with cum. A lot of us developed the habit when we were younger to wipe it up pretty quickly and get rid to get rid of any evidence – we often keep this habit as we get older. At the same time, cum is a true essence of ourselves. If there’s anything our body produces that’s a symbol of who we are it’s cum!

I recently had several clients ask me about cum. The common element was that they were feeling a bit ambivalent about it but wanted to explore how they felt and really wanted to explore doing something different with it. They were all in the habit of quickly wiping it up.

As a first step I suggested that they let it sit for a few moments after they ejaculate. Let the fluid sit on your skin and notice how it feels. Begin massaging it into your skin as a symbolic way of reabsorbing the energy back into your body. If you’re with a partner, massage it together as a way of celebrating the sexual experience.

Other options include cumming on an object of personal significance or even keeping it on a cloth. There’s also the option of ingesting it or licking it after. By ejaculating on an object you symbolically infuse that object with the energy from your body. It can also be a way to leave a mark on the object and has a very primal animalistic feeling when invoked in this way.

So, what do I do? I really try to honor it as much as I can. I believe that cum, when used with intention, can be quite powerful. When I’m alone, more often than not, I try to cum on something with some meaning of something symbolic. Sometimes that may be a special object. (Lately, I’ve been cumming on a crystal phallus as a symbol.) I also have a cloth that I’ve cum on numerous times. The cloth really doesn’t have any special significance, but I do like the symbol of my erotic energies and masculinity that it has become.

Other times I cum on a mirror. That’s the mirror in the photo! I’m don’t think there’s any special significance to the mirror, but I like the idea of using it as a celebration and honoring of it. I will often lick cum and love rubbing it all over my face or over my partner. There’s something magical and masculine about playing with it.

I encourage you to find way to honor this special substance in your play too!

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March 28, 2016 at 12:02 pm

I also have the same relationship with cum. Lately I have gotten into the habit of licking it up and then spitting it out, but it all happens so fast. I intend to slow down and enjoy the whole experience. I want to eat it all up after cumming but after orgasm I usually lose the motivation to do anything with it unless I do it quickly.


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