Heading Home

As I reflect on my experiences at Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit several themes come up. First I’m feeling grateful for being welcomed into an amazing group of sex and embodiment educators. I’m feeling very comfortable and humbled that my session was very well received; the positive comments continued throughout the summit. I’m more aware of […]

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I’m Speaking

I’m so excited! I’m going to be speaking at the 2016 Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in Alexandria, VA this August. This year the Summit is developing a track on men’s sexual health issues and I’m excited to be part of that. I’ll be speaking on my work as an erotic coach for men. Men can […]

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What I Like About Michelle Bachman

Jeez, that title was hard to write! OK now that I have your attention, I couldn’t disagree with her politics more; however, I notice a quality in her and others of her ilk that I do wish I had more of. That is the ability to not care what everyone thinks of her. So roughly […]

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Finding Passion One Step At A Time

An important concept for me is alignment – aligning your passion, work and overall life. Of course, to find alignment we need to know what our passions are. The reality for many of us is that we often don’t know. I was this way for many years. I spent so much effort doing what I […]

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Letting Go

I’m writing this after a harrowing experience that’s also reminded me about an important lesson in letting go. I’m in Illinois for my brother’s wedding. Getting here was an ordeal. My partner and I arrived early at the airport to check in for a flight. The terminal was in absolute chaos. There were people standing […]

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