May 10, 2011

Being Ourselves Online

My Asspig ProfileThe recent newsletter about connection really seems to have struck a chord. I was thinking more about this and realized that many of us have online profiles. Some are for dating others are for hookups and others are just for friends. Many of us have also experienced meeting people online.

Yet how many of our online profiles are true reflections of who we are? Every time we pretend to be someone we’re not are we just furthering our own self doubt? Think about it – when we say we’re someone else isn’t that just saying “I don’t like who I am, so I’ll just pretend to be someone else.”

OK, full disclosure time. I only have one active online profile. It’s on Asspig – a hookup site for guys who like butt play. It may not be everyone’s thing but it’s mine. If you click on the thumbnail to the left you’ll see my entire profile. (It’s a jpg, so none of the links and features will work.) The profile is a pretty accurate description of me and what I’m looking for – at least what I’m looking for on Asspig!

I’ve spoken with many guys who have met people online and they clearly weren’t who they purported to be. In some cases, the difference was staggering! I fail to understand how someone who bends the truth to such an extent could ever meet someone. It’s like announcing at the beginning “I’m a liar and I hate who I am. Let’s go play!” I don’t think so!

Then many of these people who have stretched the truth wonder why they’re not meeting anyone and get bitter. I believe that if we just we true to who we are, we would increase our chances of meeting people we could genuinely connect with.

Use the text section to let people know what you like or what you’re looking for. Use photos that are flattering and also fairly recent. Give someone an idea of who you are now – not who you were 10 years ago. You may be surprised how many other people really want to meet the real you!

2 Comments on “Being Ourselves Online

May 13, 2011 at 10:41 am

You know, I’ve been thinking about writing a whole deal about this.

I’m who I say I am, on my profiles. I’ve been astounded at how many “men?” will say they want to meet and then when it comes to it, they flake. I’ve been stood up, kept on ice, and then treated like a bad guy when I decide I’m tired of waiting for some dude who is well over 45 minutes late without letting me know.

When I write this up I’ll send you the link to my blog.

December 25, 2011 at 4:36 pm

Yeah the same thing here. If someone is looking to hook up then they should be honest. I am. I do not pretend and I do not hold anything back. I tell them what I will and will not do and if you do not respect my mind, body, soul then nothing is going to happen. Like you I have been physically abused but I have been mentally and sexually abused as well so that is one part I do not discuss online because there are men who prey on victims.


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