December 21, 2010

Anointing as Erotic Ritual

anointing the phallus

Today is the winter solstice – the longest night of the year. It’s a great time to focus our energies inward and listen to the rhythms of the body. In this spirit I share an erotic ritual. Perhaps you can practice a form of ritual to mark this special day.

I have a strong belief in the power of conscious sexuality. Ritual plays an important part in conscious sexuality. Ritual is actually pretty simple – it’s creating an intention then symbolizing that intention through an action. Ritual has been an important part of life and death throughout history. I believe that ritual can be especially powerful when integrated with our erotic energies.

A common ritual is anointing or using a substance to imbibe a spirit or power. I have objects throughout my room that are significant to me. One of these objects is a quartz crystal phallus. I use it as a symbol of masculine energy. I often use this phallus to receive my ejaculate as a symbol of the essence of my masculine energy.

During a particularly strong erotic trance session I often notice a feeling of fullness in my internal reproductive system. Many men aren’t familiar with these organs, but both the seminal vesicles and the prostate play a part here. I become aware of a pleasurable sense of fullness from both.

I don’t subscribe to any particular belief on an optimal frequency of ejaculation. I know others have strong viewpoints on this topic; however, I am an advocate of listening to your body. As we develop the ability to listen we can move from ejaculating out of habit and instead ejaculate when our body needs to or is ready to.

One of the subtle cues is that sense of fullness. Through practice, listening and learning to let go of control,  I’ve developed the ability to release what I call an ‘overflow’ ejaculation. This is a very different sensation from a more traditional ejaculation. It’s best described as a pleasurable release not accompanied with rhythmic contractions usually associated with orgasm. It’s very pleasurable and not energetically draining at all. In fact, I usually keep going after such a release.

As the first photo shows, I like to use the overflow to anoint the phallus with semen.

completion of the ritualAfter this anointing I continue the ritual. After releasing the overflow I’m aware that the sensation of fullness isn’t nearly as strong as it was; however, the erotic energy is still strong.

I continue with my stroking while aware of the symbolism of my semen anointing the phallus. I feel invigorated and am aware of an energetic buildup that I know will be released in a traditional orgasm with strong contractions.

When I am ready I surrender to the orgasmic experience and release more semen onto the phallus.

When complete I am aware that I am satisfied and complete. I am also aware of continued erotic energy  – I don’t feel drained even after all that release.

Playing with this intentional erotic energy is also a great way to mark that this is the shortest day. Beginning today the days will get longer.

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