November 6, 2013

Alternate Realities

”If you don’t think that human beings are hard-wired to seek altered states of consciousness, just watch a group of children spinning around in circles and falling to the ground.”

I don’t remember where I first read this, but it’s so true. I remember back in fourth grade when we would play spinning and hold your breath games. We’d spin around and hold our breath and then feel tingly all over. I specifically remember those games as the first time I felt something sexual. Yes, it was fourth grade, but there was definitely a feeling.

I mostly remember that experience as a way into another world. In this other world experiences were altered. Things I thought weren’t possible suddenly became possible.

I’ve found that there are many ways to enter these alternate worlds. Some of these methods work out better for me than others, but intense body experiences are often a path into these states. And for me, intentional masturbation is one of the most profound paths to reach an alternate existence. Of course, I wouldn’t suggest that only focused, tantric masturbation is the only way to reach these alternate realities. There are many paths and no one path is right or wrong. This path just works well for me.

I’m also not suggesting that there is only one correct way to masturbate. Not at all. Different times require different methods. Sometimes, I’m looking for that intense experience. Other times, I just want something simpler. Nevertheless, I do understand that my solo experience can be a magical and mystical experience. Yes, it’s very pleasurable, but it’s also deeper than that. When I’m in that altered state, all the distracting noise of life just goes away.

This altered state is sometimes referred to as gooning. I’m not entirely sure I like the term, but it’s appropriate. I found this explanation of gooning on the net and it’s pretty accurate:

It’s that state usually achieved after a prolonged edging session, when a man becomes completely hypnotized by the feeling radiating from his penis. Since a gooning state can only be achieved after edging, the man’s dick will have become mightily aroused at this point and every caress the male genitals are subjected to will trigger potent elation. As the man keeps edging and thus keeps experiencing intense pleasure, he enters a state of trance where his mind intimately merges with his cock to become one: the gooning state. To be even more accurate, when the gooning state is achieved, the man’s body becomes for all intents and purposes an appendage to his erection. When this state is achieved, the male becomes freed of all social codes of conduct, and his arousal, alone, dictates his reactions. As a result, a gooned out man will become very expressive and demonstrative: he may become very vocal, while his body and face might take on undignified expressions and poses, all in response to the intensely exquisite caresses his penis is exposed to. Hence the term “goon”, since at this point the man effectively looks like a silly, foolish, or eccentric person.

Gooning is not a narcissistic manifestation. Narcissism is extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents. Rather, gooning is closer to a meditation experience, where the mind and the body align, focused on a single thought (or feeling, in this case). Hence, for many gooners, gooning will be described as a liberating experience where the mind is freed of all external pressures and demands, and where the body is freed from societal expectations.

To enter the state of gooning, one has to first master the ability to edge, that is the ability to maintain sexual arousal at high level for a prolonged period of time, ideally just below the point of no-return (the moment where the orgasmic reflex is set in motion, when ejaculation becomes an inevitable fact). Edging thus requires knowledge of one body and knowledge of one’s reaction to masturbation: being able to edge may require a lot of practice in itself. Once edging is mastered, one only needs enough time, privacy (and often a sufficient amount of lube !) to reach the gooning state.

My own personal experience with reaching altered states is that letting go is also important. If I try to hard to get there, I will keep missing it. When I can let go of trying to make it happen, it just happens. This is so untypical behavior for me – I’m usually focused on goals and making things happen. Yet, letting go is crucial and I can’t try too hard. It’s more of a mental practice, similar to meditation, of letting go of thoughts until I reach a place of quietness.

When I’m edging and can let go I can get so turned on that nothing else matters during this time. My brain isn’t concerned with the usual aspects of life – I’m so aroused that my arousal is the only thing that matters. My body is completely engulfed in sensation and that’s all I’m aware of. I don’t care what I look like. I don’t care what sounds I’m making. I don’t care if I look silly. I am only focused on the sensations in my body. The path to get there is to let go.

Yes, it’s an alternate reality.

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