Monthly Archives: February 2011

Moving Your Body

Many men don’t move our bodies when we masturbate. Most of the time, our body stays still while our arm and hand move. This position can feel great and is, of course, a classic. However, sometimes we just need to move! Moving your entire body in an erotic trance dance gets the energy going! At […]

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Sex Toy Showdown

For those who haven’t been to Japan looking for male masturbation toys lately, Tenga is the latest in Japanese masturbation sleeves and has been in the US for a year or so. The Fleshlight has been around the US market for a while and is a popular masturbation toy for guys. What better way to […]

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Still More Letting Go

Another great way to experiment with letting go is by anal touch. As we learn to let go of goals and performance we can begin to take more pleasure in. I find that slow anal touch is an opening to relaxing and letting go. Of course, the challenge is to let go of anal goals. […]

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