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Sacred Touch for Men Relax your body. Reclaim your pleasure. Find your passion.

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Scratch is best reached through his email at purr@scratchhunter.com.

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Scratch's schedule is usually full but flexible in areas, mostly during evenings and weekends. Typically, he is free Mon-Fri from 7pm to 11pm, and all day Sat or Sun.

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Veneration to the Buddha!
With Buddha I have origin;
With Buddha I have affinity;
Affinity with Buddha, Dharma, Sangha;
Constancy, joy, self, and purity.
Mornings, my thought is Kanzeon;
Evenings, my thought is Kanzeon.
Thought after thought arises in heartmind.
Thought after thought is not separate from heartmind.

ScratchShortly after I came out of the closet eight years ago, I commissioned this chant, the Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo, to be tattooed on my back.  I first saw these very characters in a calligraph painted by the Zen master, Taizan Maezumi Roshi.  I have recited this sutra at least a thousand times. The words themselves mean nothing. The concepts they represent are empty. The sensation of the tattoo gun embedding the ink into my skin was equally transitory. But whenever the lashing tails of a flogger gather, press and tug at the skin of my back, I am reminded. I am awakened.

The Awakened One, in the Heart Sutra, mentions the five aggregate senses, the gateways to enlightenment. Through each and all are both illusion and liberation from illusion. Dualities cease to be, as inner becomes outer, self becomes other becomes Self.

This might seem esoteric, un-graspable nonsense but that’s precisely the point. The intellect, because of over-analysis, prevents compassionate embodiment. You’re already enlightened… You just forgot.

So, kneel before me. Close your eyes. Focus on your breath… In … Out… And let My cat-o-nine tails remind you of what you already knew, balls to bones, when you took your very first breath at birth.


Hello! I’m Scratch Hunter, Ed’s boy. Forgive my pedantic introduction, but I wanted to first illustrate, then elaborate: I am a faerie, a furry, a faggot, a budding kinkster, a disciplined yogi and a meandering practitioner of a Western mutation of Zen Buddhism.

Lately, I’ve been reading “The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism,” by Fritjof Capra, and have been amazed at the comparison he draws between such seemingly disparate disciplines. So, I figure: what’s to prevent me from testing the public case that BDSM and sexuality are equally valid paths of wisdom as any other esoteric tradition?  What would happen if they were combined in a Tantric framework?  It’s no weekend workshop or branded procedure with accompanying (overpriced) DVD; it’s just a flick of the wrist and SNAP!! goes the rod that prevents your spoil. It hits you right between the eyes, like the sages of old had done with their shyohaku.

Let the anger pass. Surrender to the sensation. Breathe in the moment. Feel the hurt and sadness melt the walls of ice and iron around your heart. Let it go. Open wide and realize the truth:

“Twirling ’round with this familiar parable,
Spinning, weaving ’round each new experience;
Recognize this as a holy gift and
Celebrate this chance to
Be alive and breathing!”
– Tool, Parabol

I hope to always be a student and, ideally, my calling will continuously provide ways for me to expand my erudition in tantric, tribal, erotic rituals and practices through unique connections with those who seek a deepening of their self-awareness.  My path isn’t your path.  But should our paths cross and if there was something you felt you might gain from a one-on-one session with me, this is essentially what I would utilize: the combined tools of BDSM and mindfulness practices found in Eastern wisdom traditions.  I feel they have much in common.  As I’ve learned from them both, you only get one go-around on this carousel.  Might as well see where it goes! And remember… suffering is optional.

“Gone… Gone… Gone beyond… Gone beyond beyond… Hail the goer!”

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