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Here are just a few links to other bodyworkers who we know and trust. This is just a beginning, there will be more to come soon.

Check out
who works in Palm Springs and Chicago.

In Toronto be sure to see my friend Phillip Coupal.

Some other great places on the net to look at the body, mind, spirit connection:

Artistry of Male Soul Food is a variety blog focusing on spirituality, homoerotic art, masturbation, and naturism. This blog features the spiritual, the highly artistic, the highly erotic and the highly explicit.

David at YogaBear Studio, recently took a great series of photos of me in Palm Springs. I’ve used a few of David’s photos on this site.

Meet my friend, David, who runs Sensory Energetics. A regular workshop in Oakland helping men connect with their bodies.

San Francisco Sex Information is a great resource for non-judgemental, accurate information about any topic related to sexuality. I’ve taken their training and volunteer there too.

Body Electric School – For men and women – a fantastic place to go for an experience on connecting body, mind & spirit!

New School of Erotic Touch – A source of great erotic education video and DVD’s. Ed uses many of their instructional DVD’s. Ed is also a faculty member teaching about accessing erotic trance.

Coaches Training Institute – Where I took my coaching training. I recently completed the Leadership Program at CTI and it truly has been a life changing experience.

Soul’s Code – A great resource where you can find guides — and guide others — in the pursuit of spiritual, psychological, and mind-body health and happiness. Be sure to see the article I wrote there on sex and spirituality.

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts – Not only a great massage school, but an amazing place for healing. Ed took his Arizona massage training here.

San Francisco School of Massage – An-Le completed his massage training here.

Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality – where Ed completed his Certified Sexological Bodyworker training.

Sexological Bodywork – Everything you wanted to know about Certified
Sexological Bodyworkers

I’ve done some modeling for Mark I Chester’s gay drawing groups. one which does classical nude modeling. Check out the photos and drawings and contact Mark if you’re interested in modeling.

Check out Richard Wagner’s sex advice site. It’s full of useful information and the regular podcasts are a nice touch. You can see his stuff here and also here.

The Center for Sex and Culture is another wonderful resource providing non-judgmental, sex-positive sexuality education and support to diverse populations by means of classes, workshops, social gatherings, and hands-on, practical skills-building events.

The Quest of Life – A radio program available on the net focusing on people who are leading lives of inspiration, with a special emphasis on spirituality.

Easton Mountain is an intentional community of men in upstate New York.
I’ve found this community to be an amazing example of the real definition of the word community.

The Visual Prostate, presented by The George Washington University Medical Center gives an excellent overview of the male reproductive and urinary systems. (Be sure to view the animations.) If you have any questions on anatomy you’ll find the answers here. There’s also a great amount of information on prostate conditions and prostate health.

Yutaka is a bodywork/counselor in Japan and has a great blog where he writes about anal pleasure. His blog is in both Japanese and English.

If you’re in the UK, be sure to check out Hamilton Hall, an internationally known and well respected center of spiritual, sexual and self development for men. Recognized as the most innovative and talked about venue in Europe catering for the mind, body and soul of the whole man.