The body is a conduit of energy. This energy is referred to as prana or chi by some traditions. By western physiological study it's referred to as ATP - the enrgy storehouse in every living cell. Regardless of how we look at energy it courses through every body.

Domination and submission play manipulates this energy. This play engages the circuits and infuses our bodies with newfound energy. When the body is loaded with sensation, layers of armor often drop away resulting in newfound pathways and connections with who we genuinely are.

This play creates new sensations can take many different forms. Sometimes the lightest touch can ripple throughout the body like waves. Other times an intense flogging or whipping can generate moans of ecstasy. I have a very wide selection of implements and toys that can be included in a dominant session.

I'm in great shape; often my body is the best implement for the situation. I can slap, bite, punch or spank and also tickle, tease or torment. But, of course, all domination play is abalance between my desire to have you submit balanced with me being present to my heart and, therefore, your best interests. Safety, negotiation and boundary setting are important parts of any session.