I take your privacy very seriously and will never disclose your name, address, phone, email or other personal information to anyone else.

I hate junk mail. I won't rent, sell or give your email address to anyone - ever. I do send out emails about once a month or to people in specific locations to let people know if I'm traveling to your area. I use a service provider to send out these emails. That provider does not disclose your email address to anyone else either. Every email I send gives you an opportunity to opt out of receiving future messages from me. I won't send any postal mail to you.

I don't disclose my client information to anyone nor would I ever discuss what we did during our sessions. I won't even disclose the fact that you are a client. If we should meet on the street, I wouldn't even acknowledge that I know you unless you greet me first. Your privacy is that important to me.

I may discuss specific things that come up during our time together with other CMT's or Sexological Bodyworkers if I would like help from my peers. Although I may discuss specifics of our time together, I would never disclose your name or any other identifying information about you.