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Sacred Touch for Men Relax your body. Reclaim your pleasure. Find your passion.

Learn To Receive

I've found that one of the most difficult things for men to do is to simply receive. We're so used to being in control that we feel we should always be doing something. One of the best reasons to receive an erotic massage is to practice receiving without having to do anything.

Nude? Interactive?

I enjoy the sensuality of masculine touch and appreciate that aspect of man to man massage. I am very comfortable with nudity. If you wish, I’m happy (actually I prefer) to massage nude. During the massage there will be times when my body brushes against yours. This intimate touch can really heighten your experience. At the same time, the massage is about you – my total focus is on your experience.

I welcome mutual touch in an erotic massage, at the same time I really ask that you relax your body and fully receive the massage. You can’t fully relax if you’re trying to touch me. So, if occasional touch helps you relax and enjoy the sensual experience then you’re welcome to touch me. On the other hand, if you’re looking for our time to be primarily interactive, then I’d recommend a Sacred Intimate session.

Scratch or An-Le
Both Scratch and An-Le are available for erotic massage - together with me in an exquisite 4 hand option or individually.

Erotic Massage

Enjoy an erotic massageExperience the exquisite relaxation and healing of a traditional therapeutic massage combined with the sensuality of connected erotic touch. Within the safe space of my San Francisco studio, explore your erotic potential by receiving intentional, grounded touch from a trained erotic coach. Experience how to awaken your body to new possibilities.

Erotic massage can take many different forms. I believe that erotic massage is at its best when erotic touch is skillfully interlaced with professional massage training. All touch is sensual. When I give an erotic massage, I weave therapeutic and erotic elements together throughout the session to awaken your body to its full erotic potential. An erotic massage honors your entire body. It can reduce the stress out of all parts of your body while also acknowledging and honoring your erotic energy.

To be clear the focus of my work is therapeutic touch. Touch has the power to transform us. At the same time, touch includes the entire body. We are sexual beings. I strongly believe that our erotic energy is a lifeforce. We are also more than just a body attached to genitals. Sensual, erotic touch involves the entire body; in fact, the entire body has the potential to become one big erotic zone. When I’m massaging a client, I don’t pretend that his genitals aren’t there, nor do I take pains to avoid genital contact if that is where the stroke leads me. I understand that such contact may lead to heightened erotic arousal. I invite you to fully experience your erotic energy, to revel in it, to immerse yourself in it. You may feel the need for release during the session, and I’m honored to help with that. At the same time, I ask that the focus of the session not be the sexual release. Sometimes we get so focused on a goal that we lose sight of the beauty in the journey. Look at a massage like a gourmet meal. Sure we’re all looking forward to the dessert, but don’t forget to enjoy and savor all the other courses too.

An important aspect to erotic massage is respect for your wishes and boundaries. For this reason I will always ask if you wish to receive erotic touch as part of your massage. I would be violating your trust if I performed erotic touch without your permission.

Energetic Erotic Massage

Explore your erotic potential with a massage that invigorates your body, mind and spirit. The Taoist Erotic Massage, often referred to as a “Body Electric” erotic massage, arises from the awareness that we carry an amazing untapped energetic potential in our bodies.

My friend and teacher, Joseph Kramer, describes Taoist Erotic Massage as a sexual experience that involves breathing and genital touching that often produces transformative altered states in those receiving it. Certainly, all erotic massage involves sexually arousing stimulation through touch. The erotic massage most people are familiar with is the “hand job,” which, for men, has ejaculation as its goal. Some erotic touch has been used therapeutically to help men and women become more comfortable with the placement of their attention on their bodies and on the bodies of their partners. Sensate focus, a method of therapeutic touch foundational to most sex therapies, teaches givers and receivers of touch to be intensely conscious during their interactions. Many friends and lovers use massage as a physical ritual or structure in which they can express their affection and love. What constitutes a Taoist Erotic Massage on a man? The Taoist approach to men’s sexuality focuses on energy circulation and semen retention for strength and healthy living. Therefore, the word “Taoist” was chosen to indicate that the intent of the activity is not merely to stimulate erotic energy, but also to circulate it throughout the body without ejaculation. This form of massage involves a fast, rhythmic breath simultaneous to the genital stimulation. Men receiving a Taoist Erotic Massage often experience ecstatic states and transformational moments.

All massage sessions begin with brief check-in. I would like to know how your body is today. What do you want to happen during the course of our session? Conscious breath is a key to this massage. Before we begin, I may spend some time walking you through a short breathwork instruction. As we do the massage, I’ll be breathing with you to help you to remember the importance of the breath to receive erotic touch.

During the massage, I’ll weave together therapeutic and erotic elements, gradually increasing the erotic energy to a point where most of the focus touch is in your genitals. So many men think that erotic play always ends in reaching ejaculation. We can spend so much time and energy focused on the destination that we forget how beautiful the journey can be. My intention is to generate enormous amounts of sexual excitement in the genitals. This sexual excitement can then be circulated throughout the body both by my massage and by your breath.

Sexual theory often discusses two types of erotic energy: excitement and enjoyment. Most of us are familiar with excitement – that continual increase in pleasure leading to ejaculation. Enjoyment is a constant state of experiencing erotic pleasure. Enjoyment, unlike excitement, can last a very long time and doesn’t have to lead to ejaculation. Taoist Erotic Massage is a way to introduce your body to the incredible pleasure that you can experience from enjoyment.

anal massage

Anal Massage

Anal touch can be a source of great pleasure and profound relaxation. In addition, there are certain muscles that can only be accessed through anal touch.

Even though anal touch has amazing potential for relaxation and healing, this area can also be a place of apprehension or shame. I offer anal touch as an optional part of an erotic massage. We can explore pleasure from the ass in a very protective and safe way.

Penetration isn’t necessary. Just like many other aspects of our lives, we can be so focused on a goal that we forget the pleasures of the journey. Others have experienced trauma around aggressive anal touch. For these reasons, we often focus on penetration. Many men are surprised how much pleasure we can experience from an external anal massage – without any penetration. I will sometimes suggest an external anal massage to help you fully experience anal pleasure without any concerns over penetration.

Yet, with penetration the pleasures can go even deeper. The prostate is also a place of great pleasure. Many of the nerves that control the sexual response such as pleasure, erection, orgasm and ejaculation converge around the prostate. Also the interior root of the penis is in this same area. I can include a gentle prostate massage with internal anal touch. Internal anal touch can also access muscles of the pelvis that can’t be reached through any other way. Massage of these muscles can be very relaxing for the pelvis.

Of course, all anal touch is done with your permission in a hygienic, safe space. I use gloves for all anal touch and an individual supply of lube that is never shared with anyone else. If you would like anal touch as part of your massage, I suggest a light cleansing before your arrive.

Many men have questions or concerns about anal cleansing. Sometimes hygienic concerns can get in the way of fully enjoying anal touch. I’m happy to work with you to answer any questions you may have.

I recommend two anal toys for men who are interested in exploring anal pleasure on their own. Both the Rude Boy and the Aneros are great toys for exploring anal pleasure.

Some men are curious to take their anal pleasure even deeper. Contrary to what many believe, fisting is a gentle, intimate, connected and highly pleasurable erotic act. There are many misconceptions around fisting. I am happy to help men explore this highly spiritual activity.

Whether you already enjoy anal touch or are looking to explore this pleasurable area for the first time, please let me know you would enjoy anal touch as part of our session.

I invite you to make an appointment to experience my touch for yourself!

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