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Moving Your Body

Posted by ed on February 26, 2011
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Many men don’t move our bodies when we masturbate. Most of the time, our body stays still while our arm and hand move. This position can feel great and is, of course, a classic. However, sometimes we just need to move! Moving your entire body in an erotic trance dance gets the energy going! At times, I’ve noticed that while masturbating something just doesn’t feel right. I mean the strokes feel good, but there’s a sense of something missing.

Sometime, when noticing this feeling, I become aware of the need to move. That “something’s not right feeling” is often my body’s way of telling me to get up and move! Sometimes, I just need to thrust my pelvis. When this feeling comes over me, the fleshlight is an innovative toy that can take self-pleasuring to new heights. I’ve found it helpful to work with a locked or frozen pelvis – common in many men. It’s also great when I just want to move my pelvis and thrust.

A great way to start is to place the Fleshlight at the right height (between a mattress and springs or under a couch cushion works well.) Once you have it in the right position play with thrusting into it. The thrusting motion will begin to engage your entire pelvis!

Listen to your body and when something doesn’t seem quite right look at those feelings and see what you need to change.

Sex Toy Showdown

Posted by ed on February 11, 2011
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For those who haven’t been to Japan looking for male masturbation toys lately, Tenga is the latest in Japanese masturbation sleeves and has been in the US for a year or so. The Fleshlight has been around the US market for a while and is a popular masturbation toy for guys. What better way to put the toys to the test than to do a masturbation showdown. So I tried out both toys.

I haven’t seen the Tenga in stores yet, but it is available over the web. The Tenga comes wrapped in a sealed bag and also has a plastic wrapping around the device. It comes with directions (handier than you may think!) I didn’t realize that the Tenga is disposable until I looked at the directions. The only indication that this is a disposable device was in small print on the plastic wrapping. My first impressions of the Tenga was I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty about my enjoyment of masturbation contributing to a landfill. Tenga is developing a reusable product that is to be available later this year.

I used the Tenga 8.0 model. There’s also a 6.0 model and as far as I can tell the only difference is the size. I assume 8.0 means 8 inches and 6.0 means 6 inches. (The size of the Tenga – not me!)

Once you remove all the plastic wrap, the Tenga feels nice and squishy. It has a tapered case that’s pretty comfortable in your hand. The business end of the Tenga is a simple hole.  It’s already lubed, so you don’t need to carry extra lube with you – always handy in those urgent situations! On the other hand, I did notice that the lube tends to dry out after a while and I did have to reapply lube a few times while I was using it.

Sticking my intimate parts into an unknown device brings up a few strange feelings for me. It may be my own weirdness, but I had to put my finger in first to see what it was like. There are a lot of bumps and ridges inside the Tenga, but the texture felt somewhat like plastic. It wasn’t at smooth as my hand or a more natural orifice. The Tenga was a bit cold at first, but it warmed up nicely very quickly.

I started using the Tenga for its intended purpose and noticed that it was making a lot of sucking noise. There’s a small air vent at the other end of the Tenga and hearing the air rushing in and out was a bit distracting for me. You can put your finger over the air vent to control the suction, but it was awkward to find a setting that gave me the amount of suction I wanted and felt comfortable at the same time.

As I mentioned earlier, the Tenga is prelubed but it did dry out over time. I found that I had to reapply lube a few times while using it. Since the Tenga is disposable, you don’t need to clean it when you’re done. All in all, the Tenga was a pleasant enough sensation, but I don’t think I’m going to rush out a buy a bunch of them.

The Fleshlight comes in a variety of colors and inserts. It’s not a disposable product. I’ve seen Fleshlights available at adult toy stores in the area and they’re available on the web. I used an Ice Fleshlight with the Ice Speedbump insert. The Ice case and insert are clear, so you can see what’s going on in the inside. There are also other colors or cases and insert that aren’t clear if that’s not your thing. The inserts have different orifices – pussy, mouth, butt and plain. As far as I can tell all the orifices feel the same. The inside of the Fleshlight sleeves are in different textures too. I used the Speedbump insert that has lots of small flexible bumps that I definitely noticed. Other textures available include ridges, plain and super tight.

The Fleshlight needs to be lubed before use. They recommend water based lube. I used Gun Oil H2O and found that it works well. Once I got myself and the Fleshlight lubed up there wasn’t much need to reapply lube, but it did take a while to get everything lubed.

The texture of the Fleshlight is pretty amazing. It feels much more realistic than the Tenga did. I didn’t notice a plastic sensation. The bumps in the Fleshlight felt much more pleasurable than the Tenga. All in all, the Fleshlight felt much more realistic. In fact, I doubt I could tell the difference between a Fleshlight and a real person based solely on the texture of the device.

The Fleshlight has a nice amount of padding on the end that makes thrusting so much fun. There are times when I just want to fuck. And that’s easily done with the Fleshlight. I can pound it and all that padding just feels comfortable.

The suction on a Fleshlight is controlled by a screw top. Just set it and forget it. There’s no need to keep your fingers on a particular place on the device. Although I heard some air noises, they weren’t nearly as loud as on the Tenga.

The Fleshlight material is much bigger than the Tenga; consequently it takes longer to heat up. It’s not really that pleasant to insert yourself in a cold device. Fleshlight suggest running some warm water inside the insert to warm it up. That would probably work well, but I didn’t try it. The Fleshlight did warm up but not a quickly as the Tenga.

The Fleshlight has a hard plastic case. The case is easy to grip but I liked the soft, contoured feel of the Tenga better.  The Fleshlight is easy to clean; it comes apart easily and running water through it cleans it out well. The insert material holds up pretty well. They recommend using only water based lube with the Fleshlight insert, but that really isn’t a problem.

Between the Fleshlight and the Tenga I have to give my nod to the Fleshlight. I felt it was a better experience. I enjoyed the Fleshlight for a good thrust and when I really want to be primal and fuck and a partner isn’t there, but actually between any of these devices and my hand, my own hand would win ‘hands down!’

Still More Letting Go

Posted by ed on February 9, 2011
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Another great way to experiment with letting go is by anal touch. As we learn to let go of goals and performance we can begin to take more pleasure in. I find that slow anal touch is an opening to relaxing and letting go. Of course, the challenge is to let go of anal goals. As a starter, take a relaxing shower to clean and prepare your body. Spend 15 minutes, either in solo or with a partner, with external anal touch – don’t even consider any penetration. Instead see how much pleasure you can feel from the external touch and notice how your body relaxes when all you do is pay attention to the touch and your breath.

One of the things about sexuality that intrigues me is how sexuality can be primal and energetic on time and relaxed and calming another. I’ve found that, in most situations, cock focused touch tends to focus on the energetic and anal touch emphasizes the calming effect.