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Wow! Our experience on Friday was so intense, and went to so many deep levels that I am still processing it early this morning and I expect that this will continue for some time. I was particularly surprised and delighted at how tender and intimate the experience was. I previously would not have imagined this to be possible in the circumstances under which we met. Thank you again for your extraordinary work and your powerful listening of me!

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I’m moving to Las Vegas!

I offer full body massage, sensual, erotic & tantric massage and coaching to men in my studio in San Francisco. My clients leave their sessions relaxed, happy, expansive, aware and educated. I am a masseur and a Somatic Sex Educator. My erotic and tantric offerings are body based, experiential and can be through conversation, coaching or touch. I work in person or through phone calls and Skype.

I welcome men of all sexual orientations who are looking to feel more at home in their bodies – men with intention to connect their mind, their body, and their spirit. Most of my adult erotic life has been experienced through connection with men. Recently, I recognized there was more to be experienced and I have opened up to erotic experiences with women. These experiences have helped me realize the labels of gay, straight & bi restrict us. Erotic empowerment is a direct way to get beyond labels and unleash creativity to live a full and expansive life.

Because we live in a culture that condemns most expressions of sexuality, there are few places to go to explore. I hold space to come talk, be touched & massaged. For many it is liberating and healing to just have open conversation about sexuality. Being touched intimately, with the intention to learn and nourish is a welcome gift and brings ease, relaxation and much happiness.

I’ve consciously set my life to balance my left and right brains – the feeling side with the logical side. I bring this approach to my bodywork sessions by applying a mixture of energetic healing and clear, logical communication. Many men have appreciated my warm, friendly approach combined with a grounded sense of purpose.

Erotic energy is a strong life force. Like many things in life, this is a paradox; we can use this energy in ways that are not helpful and reaffirming or we can use this energy to heal our relationship with ourselves and others. I help men find erotic fulfillment through intentional body based practices.

Erotic explorers, men living with HIV and other chronic conditions including prostate cancer survivors are welcome. Survivors of abuse and men in recovery from addictions looking to reconnect to their body find this work especially helpful.

I have a special place in my heart for men who aren’t happy with their bodies. Body dysmorphia is common in men and can have a debilitating effect on our sense of self. I’ve suffered through my own body image issues and come out on the other side a stronger and more centered man.

Male energy is very fluid and not at all related to anatomy; I welcome everyone who identifies as male or wishes to explore masculine energy.

Your privacy is very important to me. Please take a look at my privacy policy.

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